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Since April 2007, Sambhav Automobile has been providing top quality auto repair, maintenance and pick & drop services to our wonderful customers in Delhi/NCR, Ghaziabad, UP and the surrounding local communities. We are a family of Maruti Udhyog Ltd. and operated as Maruti Authorized Service Station(MASS), and are committed to providing friendly, high-quality automotive services at best prices!




Wheel Alignment & wheel balancing.


AC Servicing that should be done every 2nd year.


Repair or new installation of car Air Conditioner system.


Auto electrical repairs.


Authorized Maruti trained manpower for professional & personalized care.


Adopting MARUTI practices and standards for the best care of your MARUTI SUZUKI.


Use of Maruti Genuine Parts & Lubricants.


All major credit and debit cards accepted.

Value added services

Seat & Upholstery Cleaning

After a delay, use or spillage of food or different things on vehicle seats makes it unclean and messy. You may get cleaned it from us by steam base inside cleaner that utilization steam vapor to expel soil, stains, and oil from vehicle’s upholstery. Steam has a characteristic intensity of disinfecting and freshening up without getting wet inclination past couple of hours.

Throttle Body & Air Intake System Cleaning

There are carbon and slop stores into the throttle and PCV framework that exasperate the wind stream causing unpleasant inactive, bumbling, or notwithstanding slowing down. For this, we clean the throttle body by practicing synthetic shower at standard strain to improve beginning, drivability, and fuel healthy. It is suggested first time at 20,000 KM and then rehashed according to prerequisite \ administration and accomplished all the more every now and again in LPG/CNG vehicles.

Car Exterior Rubbing & Polish

Over some time car shine has gone off due to various reasons like minor scratches, coal tar, adhesive, water spots, fading & swirl marks of daily cleaning that cannot be handled by regular soap washing. For this, you may opt for car body rubbing & polish done with rubbing compound.

Engine De-Carbonizing

Decarburizing is accomplished for the evacuation of carbon develop because of different reasons like from ill-advised consuming of fuel to unsatisfactory fuel quality and general improve with age. This carbon form can prompt valves not shutting appropriately, flash attachments fouling, exhaust sensors falling flat, Low get and low mileage and different issues. De-carbonization is managed without opening of motor utilizing specific compound through fuel supply (petroleum/diesel) that break down and expel the carbon store in different pieces of the engine that catapulted out through the fumes pipe. 

Synthetic Oil

Manufactured oil is engineer base oil made in the research facility to give more elevated amounts of execution and advantage that can stand excessive motor temperature (above 400°F). The critical bit of leeway of manufactured oils is prevalent oil that fundamentally decreases rubbing, motor commotion, and in the long haul wears and tears. Though “Normal oil” is mineral base taken from the beginning refined however contains sulfur, wax and different components that make slop.

EGR Cleaning For Diesel Engine

Diesel autos have a Fumes Gas Distribution (EGR) valve that recycles a limited quantity of fumes into the ignition cycle. EGR valves open and near control the fumes gas stream. Whenever left open, the abundance vacuum will make the motor demonstration like it needs to slow down, lingering generally or flooding and closes valve prompts thumping or pinging with low mileage and low get.

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